Shop and Service

The cost of owning and repairing a bike shouldn’t be burdensome. We take pride in providing affordable bikes and repairs for all!



We no longer have an online store since we have a nice new shop. Please stop by to browse our selection and take one for a test ride today!

If you’ve purchased a bike from us, or have received an Earn a Bike or Change a Tire, Change a Life bike from us, we are happy to make repairs, fix your flats, provide a tune-up, and do whatever it takes to keep you rolling at a price that doesn’t hurt your wallet.

We are also happy to service bikes that we did not sell or give away- anyone is welcome to bring their bike to us for repairs, upgrades, etc.  Your business helps keep our doors open and funds our programs that help those in need!

Our repair/labor fees are generally based on a $30/hour rate. Flat fixes are usually $12, sometimes a bit more if a brand-new tube is required.

Reduced service rates and neighborhood discounts are available- just ask! if you can’t afford the rates at other shops, please don’t hesitate to come to us. We also encourage folks to stop by our weekly Open Shop (Thursdays 4:00pm to 7:00pm) to learn how to make basic repairs with the help of our amazing volunteer mechanics.

While are a full service bike shop, some high end bikes are just not logical for us to work on given our limited resources. If this is the case, we are happy to refer you to another shop in the area that can help you out.