Instead of trashing a used bike, why not give it a Second Chance? We collect, repair, and distribute used bikes to people who need affordable transportation the most. We currently are accepting bikes in any and all conditions, and accessories and parts that are clean and in working order. If a bike is not repairable, we make every effort to salvage as many parts as possible and use these to fix other bikes. If something cannot be reused, we work with local metal recyclers to make sure as little as possible makes it to the landfill.

To donate a bike, parts, or accessories, simply bring your donation to our warehouse in Park Circle during any of our regularly scheduled volunteer workdays or to any participating local bike shop (please see map for locations). If you’re dropping off a donation at one of our partner bike shops, please specify it is a donation for Second Chance Bikes so they can make sure it gets to us and provide you with a tax receipt. If you opt to bring your donation to us directly at our warehouse (please see map), feel free to call ahead if you’d like someone to help you unload or provide a tax receipt. For donations of five bikes or more, we may be able to schedule a pick-up. Please CONTACT US to find out more.