Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take donation bikes? Yes, but we have to be a little picky because of our limited space and require donations to be approved before they are dropped off. More info on bike donations can be found here- please read if you are interested in donating a bike. After approval via email, text, or a phone call, you are welcome to drop it off at our shop, located at 3310 Rivers Ave in North Charleston. If you are a apartment complex or school and would like to schedule a pick-up of a lot of bikes for a small fee, please contact us at or (843) 608-8383.

What happens to my old bike after I donate it? All bikes support our programs! Some bikes end up donated to folks in need through our Change a Tire, Change a Life program, others become part of our Earn a bike program, and nicer ones usually are sold in our shop. All funds from sales goes directly to fund fixing up bikes for people in need, so every bike you donate supports the cause.

Do you take other bike gear? Yes! We take bike parts, accessories, and clothing in relatively good condition. This includes parts like cranks, pedals, chains, brakes, and derailleurs; accessories like car racks, panniers, seat bags, lights, and bells; and clothing like jerseys, shorts, caps, and gloves. Used is fine but clean and without holes or severe wear is appreciated.

How can I volunteer? We typically welcome volunteers every week on Thursdays from 3pm to 6pm. Before you come, please sign up using this form. If you are handy and want to work on bikes, great! If you want to learn how to work on bikes, great! If you don’t want to work on bikes but still want to pitch in, great! We’ll find something for you to do. We require closed-toed shoes and recommend wearing something you don’t mind getting dirty. 

How do you pick who gets a bike? We don’t. We work with other social service agencies and organizations who are already serving clients in need. If they see that a client needs a bike they let us know and we get them a free bike through our Change a Tire, Change a Life program. If you or someone you know need a bike and cannot afford any of the bikes in our online store, please contact one of our partner agencies to fill out an application or apply for our Earn a Bike program.

Do you repair bikes? Yes! Our priority will always be helping folks who cannot afford typical bike shops, but we are more than happy to service anyone’s bike and appreciate your business, as it keeps our doors open. Click here for more info on service and repairs.

What about bikes for kids? We typically do two free youth bike giveaways per year and work with other organizations like Charleston Promise Neighborhood and Charleston Hispanic Association to get bikes to children in need. We also sometimes have a small selection of low-cost youth bikes in our shop- feel free to call before you come to find out what we’ve got!