Chris Clark, Executive Director

Chris began volunteering with Second Chance Bikes in 2018 and became Executive Director in 2019. Before that, he earned his Master of Public Administration from the University of New Orleans and has over a decade of experience in bicycle advocacy. He is dedicated to creating a more equitable and mobile community. Contact him at or 843 872-8252.

Greg Jones

Jarod Charzewski

Fred Herrman

Renee Harvey

Tom Schultz

Tom was born a Yankee, but got to Texas as fast as his little toddler legs could get him there. Son of Tom and Hettie, he grew up around the petroleum industry, his father a highly respected geophysicist. After a few years of attending the University of Tennessee, Tom made the leap and joined the US Navy. After 20 years of nuclear propulsion operations, maintenance, training, and supervision onboard submarines and training platforms here in the low country, Tom retired from military service here in Park Circle but continues to serve as a government contractor developing curriculum for the Navy. He’s a lifelong advocate and active participant in the cycling community and loves helping others!

“One who wishes to be remembered should begin by remembering others” – Mandalorian proverb

“If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad can it be? “ – US Robots & Mechanical Men Inc.

“It’s hard to have ideas and easy to give up.” Casey Newton (character), Tomorrowland 

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Page Keller

Page is a lowcountry native and enjoys all the beauty of Charleston. Wanting to expand her fitness routine several years ago, she bought a road bike and began cycling with various groups around town. Recognizing few opportunities to ride with women only, she co-founded the Charleston Cycle Chicks in 2017 with a fellow cycling enthusiast. The CCC are a local cycling club designed to promote and advocate for women’s cycling in the greater Charleston area. Outside of this hobby, Page is Director of the Center for Excellence in Peer Education at the College of Charleston, where she has been employed since 1997. Though Page values her long career in higher education, there is nothing more important to her than being a mother to her college-aged daughter Holland.