Change a Tire, Change a Life

We believe that transportation can be transformational for all, but especially for folks in need.

We work with over 40 partner organizations that serve people in our community experiencing homelessness, extreme poverty, and mental health challenges. Staff members can request bicycles for their clients in need at no cost. Our mechanics and volunteers work together to fix up reliable, single-speed cruisers that are easy to ride and maintain. These bicycle provide basic transportation and recreation and are essential to helping individuals to find jobs, commute to work, attend healthcare appointments, visit loved ones, and get exercise.

To receive a free bike through this program, please have a staff member from a local outreach agency or nonprofit partner contact us via email to get access to our application. 

We do not provide free bicycles directly to individuals, although we have launched an Earn a Bike program, which anyone can apply for. If you need a bicycle urgently and cannot afford one of our used bikes in our Bicycle Thrift Store (bikes start at $50, browse in person anytime we are open) or cannot participate in our Earn a Bike program, please reach out to one of our partner social service organizations for assistance. We are always happy to establish new partnerships with agencies that we have not worked with before, just have them contact us!

What can our Change a Tire, Change a Life bikes provide for folks in need?

  • Transportation independence- they don’t have to rely on a limited bus system
  • Open up more employment opportunities
  • Make better food choices more accessible
  • Give access to more or better affordable housing
  • Ensure people have a way to get to medical appointments
  • Save time and energy over walking
  • Provide recreation opportunities
  • Increase social interaction and connection


If you would like to help us get bikes to more people in need, please consider: