Change a Tire, Change a Life

We believe that transportation can be transformational for all, but especially for folks in need.

  • Promotes independence by not being reliant on a limited bus system
  • Opens up employment opportunities
  • Makes better food choices more accessible
  • Gives access to more or better affordable housing
  • Ensures people have a way to get to medical appointments
  • Saves time and energy over walking
  • Provides recreation opportunities
  • Increases social interaction and connection

Over the last four years, we have built strong relationships with over forty social service organizations, agencies, and ministries and have been able to provide free bicycles and repair services to their clients. We typically do not provide bicycles directly to individuals, although we are planning to launch an Earn-a-Bike pilot program soon. If you need a bicycle urgently and cannot afford one of our used bikes in our Bicycle Thrift Store, please reach out to one of our partner social service organizations for assistance.

If you would like to help us get bikes to more people in need, please consider: