Changing Tires, Changing Lives – Partner organizations that serve people in our community experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty can request bicycles for their clients. We provide durable and reliable refurbished bicycles that help people find and commute to work, attend healthcare appointments, visit loved ones, and get exercise.

Second Chance Bicycle Thrift Shop – We are excited to expand our mission of providing affordable bikes to the general public! If you need a bicycle but cannot afford the price of a new bike, find your next bike at our warehouse. We have hundreds of bikes available. Many need some work which you can do at our warehouse using the tools and parts we provide. *Our warehouse is closed to the public until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Check out our online store for bikes, helmets, and other gear available for purchase with no-contact pickup.

Give Back for Racks – We are encouraging people to ride bikes in North Charleston by providing secure bicycle racks throughout the city. In partnership with the City of North Charleston, 83 bicycle racks will be installed in areas where people are already going by bike. Businesses and community organizations have the opportunity to sponsor racks.

Bicycle Recycle – Bicycles end up in landfills every day. Instead of rusting away, we take bicycles in any condition- no matter how rusty- strip them of usable parts, recycle the rubber, and scrap steel and aluminum. Though this process is time-consuming, we are committed to making sure that even the most rusted bicycles get a Second Chance.

Free Bikes for Kids – Every child should have a bike. We’re providing free bikes and helmets for any child 10 years or younger. For full terms and conditions see our Free Bikes for Kids page. *Free Bikes for Kids is suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Pop-up Repair – People who lack access to bike shops have trouble staying on the road. We provide free repair and adjustment for our Second Chance Bikes at partner organization sites. *Pop-up Repair events are canceled until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.