Programs & Services

Change a Tire, Change a Life – We work with over 30 partner organizations that serve people in our community experiencing homelessness, extreme poverty, and mental health challenges. Staff members can request bicycles for their clients, and our mechanics and volunteers work together to fix up bikes that will meet the specific needs of each and every client. We pride ourselves on providing durable and reliable refurbished bicycles that can help folks find jobs, commute to work, attend healthcare appointments, visit loved ones, and get exercise.

Free Bikes For Kids – We think every child should have a bike! We’re provide free bikes and helmets for any child (17 years old and under) through our Free Bikes for Kids program.

Bicycle Thrift Shop – We are excited to expand our mission of providing affordable bikes to the general public! If you need a bicycle but cannot afford the price of a brand new bike, we got you covered. We have a great selection of bikes in our online store (which you can also browse in person) that are ready for their forever homes, as well as hundreds of bikes that need some work but can be fixed up to order.

Bicycle Recycling – Bicycles end up in landfills every day. Instead of letting bicycles rust away and leach pollutants into waterways and the soil, we try to take bicycles in all conditions when we have the space and resources available. Bikes that we cannot fix get stripped of usable parts. We also recycle unusable rubber tires/tubes and scrap steel and aluminum. Though this process is time-consuming, we are committed to making sure that even the most rusty bicycles get a Second Chance!

Pop-up Repair – People who cannot easily access bike shops often have trouble relying on their bikes for transportation because their bikes lack proper maintenance and basic repairs. We provide free repair and adjustment for our Second Chance Bikes at partner organization sites. *Pop-up Repair events are canceled until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic and lack of resources. If you are interested in helping us restart these pop-ups, please contact us!

Bicycle Valets – Are you hosting an event at a venue that lacks bicycle parking? Want to encourage attendees to ride their bicycles to your event? Have us host a bike valet! Please contact us for more information.