Jarod Charzewski

Jarod Charzewski grew up in the inner city of Winnipeg where the attitudes and esthetics of an urban setting took hold.  He also spent time on a family farm in rural Manitoba.  This combination of surroundings is where he gained appreciation for natural and manufactured landscapes.  He fuels his art with visuals of change; landscapes and recreates aesthetics that investigate mankind’s evolving influence.  Artistically he uses these sensations to release ethereality in site-specific experiences.

He holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba (1996) and an MFA from the University of Minnesota (2005).  He has received artist grants from several US and Canadian arts organizations including the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts and received a Puffin Award for the environmental content of his work.  He has exhibited across the US and Canada including such venues as the Grand Canyon National Park site-specific installation, Le Biennale de Montreal in Montreal Quebec, the Bunnell Arts Center in Homer Alaska. In addition, in Spring of 2018 he had a mid-career retrospective at the Begovich Gallery at the University of Southern California, Fullerton. One of his most recent installations, “Rim Rift,” a solo exhibition in November 2020 at Broward College, was created using bicycle wheels from Second Chance Bikes. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina.

Fred Herrman

Fred is originally from Wisconsin and graduated from the University of WI. He worked as a programmer for Boeing in Huntsville, Alabama on the Saturn V moon landing. He spent 30 years in Dallas, Texas working with computers. Once he retired, he spent five years driving around the country looking for the perfect place to spend his retirement. He decided Charleston would be a great place and moved here in 2000. He is passionate about getting bikes to people, especially kids who otherwise wouldn’t have one and adults who need them to get to work.

Tom Schultz

Tom was born a Yankee, but got to Texas as fast as his little toddler legs could get him there. Son of Tom and Hettie, he grew up around the petroleum industry, his father a highly respected geophysicist. After a few years of attending the University of Tennessee, Tom made the leap and joined the US Navy. After 20 years of nuclear propulsion operations, maintenance, training, and supervision onboard submarines and training platforms here in the low country, Tom retired from military service here in Park Circle but continues to serve as a government contractor developing curriculum for the Navy. He’s a lifelong advocate and active participant in the cycling community and loves helping others!

“One who wishes to be remembered should begin by remembering others” – Mandalorian proverb

“If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad can it be? “ – US Robots & Mechanical Men Inc.

“It’s hard to have ideas and easy to give up.” Casey Newton (character), Tomorrowland 

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” – Socrates

Page Keller

Page is a lowcountry native and enjoys all the beauty of Charleston. Wanting to expand her fitness routine several years ago, she bought a road bike and began cycling with various groups around town. Recognizing few opportunities to ride with women only, she co-founded the Charleston Cycle Chicks in 2017 with a fellow cycling enthusiast. The CCC are a local cycling club designed to promote and advocate for women’s cycling in the greater Charleston area. Outside of this hobby, Page is Director of the Center for Excellence in Peer Education at the College of Charleston, where she has been employed since 1997. Though Page values her long career in higher education, there is nothing more important to her than being a mother to her college-aged daughter Holland. 

Bernard Johnson

Bernard Johnson is originally from Chicago Illinois. He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University in Carbondale with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in the aerospace industry most of his career with additional time spent working in the plastics and pharmaceutical industry. He is proud to finally be an entrepreneur. He currently serves as the Board Chair of the Arc of the Lowcountry, an organization committed to advocating for adults with disabilities to live the most inclusive lifestyle in the community.

Amber Cook

Amber was born a fourth generation Floridian to a saltwater-loving family in Daytona Beach. She earned a BA from the University of North Florida and an MFA from SCAD before moving to Austin where she began her career in nonprofit development. Over the last decade, Amber has had the pleasure of working with several organizations to grow their impact on local communities. Some of her greatest joys have been working with families at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas, fundraising for students at the University of Texas at Austin, and learning about the art and science of conservation at the Lowcountry Land Trust.  Amber loves biking and running with friends and family and can often be found pedaling or pushing any number of her three kids along local trails. 

Shannon Rice