Transportation can be transformational. Affordable, reliable transportation like a Second Chance Bike does so much for a person in need.

  • Promotes independence by not being reliant on a limited bus system
  • Opens up employment opportunities
  • Makes better food choices more accessible
  • Gives access to affordable housing which may be further away from jobs
  • Ensures people have a way to get to medical appointments
  • Saves time and energy over walking
  • Provides recreation opportunities

We work with more than a dozen social service organizations, agencies, and Ministries to provide bicycles to their clients. We do not provide bicycle donations directly to clients. If you need a bicycle and cannot afford our $50 used bikes, please reach out to one of our partner social service organizations HERE.

If you would like to help get bikes to more people in need consider:

  • Volunteering
  • Donating a used bike
  • Helping cover the cost of picking up, repairing, and delivering a bike