Other Ways to Support Second Chance Bikes

Other Ways to Support Second Chance Bikes

Donate a bicycle: If you have a bicycle collecting dust in the garage we can turn it in to a tax-deductible donation and give it a Second Chance. Click here to find out how to get us your used bike and provide affordable and reliable transportation to someone in Charleston.

Buy us a tool: Bicycle repair requires several special tools. Help build our tool library by sending us a gift from our Amazon Tool Wish List.

Buy us some parts: Even with all the used bicycles and parts we receive, some parts are just not salvageable. We need parts like chains, cables, and rags to get some bikes up and running. Find out what we need on our Amazon Parts Wish List.

Volunteer: Have experience repairing bicycles? Whether you answered yes or no we can use your help as a volunteer in our warehouse. We can teach you every aspect of bicycle repair or you can just give us a hand organizing parts and cleaning bikes before delivery. Find out when Here.

Buy a t-shirt: Show the world your love for Second Chance Bikes with our awesome t-shirt! Click Here to order yours today.